BIDO: Domain Auctions
Bido’s auction platform features hand picked auctions and an exclusive panel of industry related experts. The experts can comment on each auction to assist buyers in gaining insight into domain name valuations and their potential uses. This provides sellers a dedicated stage and audience for maximum exposure of their domain names. Bido invites all industry professionals to apply to become a Bido Expert.
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Who are Experts:

  • Direct navigation experts
  • Domain name development experts
  • Domain name investors
  • Search engine optimization experts
  • Brand managers
  • Marketing executives
  • And some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the business world today.

Bido was founded on the principal that the domain name industry needs change and we expect the means in which we conduct auctions online will contribute to this change.
Will you be a part of it?

What are the benefits?

  • Expert reviews on are viewed by thousands of people providing increased recognition for yourself and your company.

  • Being featured on one of the most popular domain name auction websites in the world will increase your credibility and standing in the domain community and webmaster industry.

  • Bido keeps a history of every auction so people can refer to your comments for years to come. Search engines will also index your comments further strengthening your web presence.

  • As an Expert you may add to your Bido profile your company's logo, links to your Website, and links to your social networks profiles (twitter, facebook, linked-in, etc). Additionally, you may refer people to your public Bido profile (<NICKNAME>) for auctioning your own items, while distinguishing these items as originating from you, as a Bido expert.

  • In exchange for contributing your time and domain knowledge, will help you connect with new clients and build your own business.
  • You can even pipe in to your profile your RSS or twitter feeds and your Bido profile will update automatically with your content pulled in from elsewhere. This strengthens your SEO efforts.

Rules for becoming a Expert:

  • By signing up to become a Bido Expert you agree to our terms of service.
  • If applicable, you must disclose any relationship to the seller on any auction you comment on.
  • For full transparency, you have the ability to disclose your intent to bid on any auction you comment on if you would like to disclose your intentions.

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