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Professional Consultant. Domainer, Blogger , Developer and Seo Junkie ! Life Coach and Consultant!

Internet marketer & Social Networking is my passions.

Domain investor who actively purchase domains with various available extensions. Domain business is very lucrative investment cycle, and become really passion buying and selling domains.

Enjoy visiting domain auctions,and networking with other experts.

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3D industry growing within minitues...It's about to explode the market with many different products, and names. 3D Control Stick was announce with new Nitendo on March 23, 2010. 3D control stick sharp the images, vibration, and much more. This domain is golden egg in the field, and it could make great investment. It's descbribe product very well.. According to my searches through the Google it's over 7 millions so far..

Not sure that BP will be reach, but definetly is great investment for the buyer...

Good luck !
DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name
It's really great list of 1 word domain, but The Isle of Man domain extensions never declared any bright future for some reason. is own by yahoo web messenger, and many domains .IM could have HUGE value if Yahoo bought them under their roof. At least to make it worth market price. For now, there is not announcement of such a thing.

There was some good sales in past for .im domains. In this case on Bido, I do not see BP reach for those 46 domains. It could sell for low to middle $XXX

Good luck!
DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name
ALZHEIMERSCREENING.COM is one one of those rare domains that describe content well. Memory screening is every day practice around the world. Develop web site based on Alzheimer Screening quiz, questions, treatments, medical solutions, or medication is perfect opportunity for the right buyer.

Domain is absolute steal with such a low Bido Price.

Good Luck
DISCLAIMER: I am the seller of this domain is perfect domain for Alzheimer disease. Creating Web Site on .WS with rich content is great opportunity for this domain. Once again, absolute steal with low Bido Price

Good Luck
DISCLAIMER: I am the seller of this domain
Best Internet Connections is very interesting domain with 3 keywords. There of about 90,800,000 for Best Internet Connections searches in Google. Definitely potential to develop directory based on target market of ISP provided for Internet Connections of all kinds...It could sell for middle $XX

Good luck to buyer & seller!
DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name
BIRMINGHAM is really excellent Geo Target domain name. In this case with any other extensions could go for nice 4 figure, or 5 figure amount. There is still unclear future for .IM, and I don't see reaching Bido Price in auction.

There is definitely market for .IM, but not at this moment.

Good Luck !
DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name
Black is excellent 2 keyword domain name. Great opportunity for development selling, trading black ink cartridges . Excellent target market.

Google pulls of of about 8,920,000 searches. CPC $7.12 USD

Surprised to see no reserve, and low starting bid . Absolute bargain !

Good Luck!

DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name
Blue Rays is good domain name to develop site based on technology ,and consumer products.
In my opinion this will be much higher value if is singular
"BLUERAY" instead Bluerays

This domain have potential, but I can not see selling for more then middle $XX here on Bido

Good luck !
DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name
What a rare 1 word domain name BROKERAGE, and once again no reserve price.

We all know who is broker and what broker does. In my opinion this domain have a huge potential. Why?

A broker is a third party that coordinates between a buyer and a seller. Brokerage in general could apply to absolutely any industries.

Google searches pulls out record of 166,000,000 searches, but none is specific to what industry. If you have for example financial brokerage then we know specific field of brokerage industry.

In this case we do not have specific industry, which give us picture of some kind of directories listing for any industry. Developing site based on that could bring great revenues to the buyer.

Extension .WS play roles in this case. WS is not so bad as WebSite, but we all know that WS have more and more quality contents out there.

Brokerage alone pulls about 22,200 globally searches a months, with exact keyword. It definitely potential to future buyer to develop great website based on this facts.

It could sell over middle $XXX . I see it around $600 - $800

Good luck to buyer & seller!
DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name
Buy Automotives had great search result on Google about 8,130,000 . It's general apply to the cars.

This is great combination of the 2 keywords for auto parts industries. I can see bright future with this domain name. Right buyer can develop amazing business to generate future profit listing automotive parts industries or just use as affiliate site.

It could sell over $500 -$1000

Good luck to seller and buyer
DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name
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