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Jean-Francois Mayer is a French-speaking Swiss consultant and researcher. Historian by training, author of ten books, he spent several years in social sciences research and subsequently in civil service. He is currently the head of a new research institute (Religioscope) based in Fribourg, Switzerland, and the owner of a small consulting company in international affairs. JF Mayer has developed several websites and is interested in domain names since the early 2000s, at the time of the .info landrush. No longer a mere observer of the scene, he has recently started to become active in domaining and has launched in 2009 Name Tactic for the purpose of promoting, developing and selling quality domain names. Personal webpage: Domaining website:


A small selection of domain names among those I have currently for sale can be found at:
And a selection of generic WS domain names:
For religious and religion-related domain names:
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