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I bought my first domain for $8, sold it within 72 hours for $500. I put the $8 back in my pocket and have operated in the black (positive) every since. I have a portfolio of a few hundred domains. My Portfolio is divided in 3 categories; Flips, Development, and Investment. The Flips category pays the bills for all the other domains, the development domains are for me to play with, and the investment portion is what I consider to be my retirement, on top of my IRA, 401K, etc.

I am a firm believer that the domain market is a secure investment with ALOT of room for growth and potential. Granted, the days of hand-regging one word domains and 3L.coms are over BUT ANYONE can make a name for themselves in this business with $8, a passion to learn, and time to dedicate. This economy has provided a two fold experience for domainers, for some it is a time that portfolios must be skimmed down for financial reasons, for others it is a time to buy domains they couldn't of touched 2 years ago.. I am fortunate to be one of the investors who can buy in this current market. So that is what I am doing at the moment, a little development and a lot of buying..


email: homeoffice(at)

I am always looking for QUALITY domains to both purchase and broker...
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