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I bought my first domain for $8, sold it within 72 hours for $500. I put the $8 back in my pocket and have operated in the black (positive) every since. I have a portfolio of a few hundred domains. My Portfolio is divided in 3 categories; Flips, Development, and Investment. The Flips category pays the bills for all the other domains, the development domains are for me to play with, and the investment portion is what I consider to be my retirement, on top of my IRA, 401K, etc.

I am a firm believer that the domain market is a secure investment with ALOT of room for growth and potential. Granted, the days of hand-regging one word domains and 3L.coms are over BUT ANYONE can make a name for themselves in this business with $8, a passion to learn, and time to dedicate. This economy has provided a two fold experience for domainers, for some it is a time that portfolios must be skimmed down for financial reasons, for others it is a time to buy domains they couldn't of touched 2 years ago.. I am fortunate to be one of the investors who can buy in this current market. So that is what I am doing at the moment, a little development and a lot of buying..


email: homeoffice(at)

I am always looking for QUALITY domains to both purchase and broker...
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I already put in a pre-bid.

There are exactly 1,000 of these available in dotNET, 000-999. That being said it makes up a very small market that I feel will always remain strong. 737 rolls off your tongue and is brand-able which adds value.

With no Google ads making money from this name may be hard so I would consider this domain a sole investment/development name. would be a great catch for any portfolio.
DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name
BANKGUARANTEED.COM, I believe "BANK GUARANTEED" is an oxymoron! Lately it seems nothing in that industry is guaranteed. This is a good term dotCOM, however with the name less than 2 years old and EVERY OTHER extension available I can't see this name bringing home much, in fact it may need a bailout...

Put up a decent site for Loans, Lines of Credit, etc and you may be able to turn some profit, if the final price goes over $100 I would be impressed...

DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name
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This auction may have caught more eyes if it would have been up during the NBA Finals.. nevertheless this premium one word dotINFO will hold its own. Basketball as a sport has grown in popularity the last 20 years and will continue to be a sport of international appeal. Which is funny because I believe dotINFO has grown in popularity recently and will remain a domain of international appeal..

Maybe a match made on Bido?

That said I placed a pre-bid, you should too. As Bido continues to hold no reserve auctions, everyone continues to win.
DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name
Great Domain. As Victor stated Bathrooms are a very important part of the house as far as value. I think the plural version would fetch more money but itself is still a powerful domain. I also could see this domain hitting the four figure mark and above if anyone with a vision gets behind the name. This is one of those names that will sell on Bido, and then 4-6 years from now you will see pop-up on DNJournal or Sedo with a 5figure+ sale, because it is a direct name with a great extension to match...
DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name
An actual product dotCOM, very impressive. I like this name because it is a direct name meaning anybody who comes to your site is going to be expecting info, ads, products, or reviews on Dinner Knives.

"Dinner Knives" has a relatively low Google search volume at a mere 1,300 searches/month but on the flip side it has a good amount of advertisers. Also being a product name I would think there would be some nice direct type in traffic, but I don't know.

I am going to put a pre-bid in on this name, not because I am goo goo for dinner knives but because I feel this name holds value in the sense that dinner knives will always be dinner knives and more importanly dotCOM will always be dotCOM. Also my wife recently bought a nice set of dinner knives for the house and I need some ad revenue to pay for them! :)

Other "Knives" sales compliments of -----$13,500----- -----$1,635----- -----$560----- -----$681----- -----$170----- 2007-01-09TDNAM
knives.coinformation -----$3,507----- 2006-02-28Sedo

Also want to leave you with this thought/quote:
"What Would You Attempt To Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?"
DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name
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Nice little one word dotINFO. obviously not going to command a four figure mark but nonetheless a quality domain with potential...
DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name

First Thoughts: One Word, Good extension, would need development for true potential.

This domain would be a great for a developed sites gathering all the INFO from INFOmercials. One site where you could get links, watch videos, even buy the products sold on the infomercials. That would be prime pickings for an affiliate site.

Here is some info I found on WikiPedia:

"When they first appeared, infomercials were most often screened in the United States and Canada during late-night/early morning hours. As stations have found value in airing at other times, by 2008 a large portion of infomercial spending is early morning, daytime, early prime and even prime time. There are also entire networks devoted to just airing infomercials all day and night for the sole purpose of cable/satellite providers receiving revenue from the channel operator from any sales for their area, or to fill empty time on local programming channels. CNBC, which airs only one hour of infomercials nightly during the business week, airs up to 28 hours of infomercials on Saturdays and Sundays during the time where the network's business news coverage otherwise airs. A comparison of television listings from 2007 with 1987 verifies that many broadcasters in North America now air infomercials in lieu of syndicated TV series reruns and movies, which were formerly staples during the more common hours infomercials are broadcast (i.e., the overnight hours). Infomercials are a near-permanent staple of ION Television's daytime and overnight schedules; multichannel providers such as DirecTV have objected in the past to carrying ION feeds which consist largely of paid programming"

The Infomercial market is there and from what I researched seems to be growing very nicely. This domain would make for a great addition to any portfolio.

Think About It: If you plan to bid on this domain you might as well put in a pre-bid. I mean 2% cashback is decent on any purchase...
DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name The dotCOM version is a parked page meaning if a large startup or a corporation wants the domain Interpath they will go to the dotCOM first regarding purchasing. That IMHO brings down the value HOWEVER not to be a pessimist this name does have a nice ring, is very brand able in a variety of categories and being very old doesn't hurt. I mean I am putting in a pre-bid in hopes I get it. I mean I want the bragging rights of having a domain from 1993 in my portfolio.. wow 1993, that would have put me at 8 years old....

Anyways this domain will get bids and will be sold so bid. I have an entire section of my portfolio that is strictly for short brand-able quality broad domains that I know one day they will be desired. For example I own FLOSYS(d0t)com and (dot)net, right now they are sitting there to own day be purchased for a hefty sum of money, why because its short brand able and coudl apply to a large audience. Same with

Also don't just think of as "Inter Path" think of it maybe as "International Pathologists Network" or, "International Pathology". Good Luck...
DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name
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A Four Letter dotCOM, a, a Pronounceable Word, an easily Brand-able Domain, a No Reserve Auction starting at a $1!!! This is VERY NIZE!

I will bid on this domain despite the fact I don't currently have a use for it, why, because like the description said it is a and they are desirable domains and I feel will continue to be desirable in the future.

Concerning possibilities for use this domain really is open-ended which really increases its value. Also I agree with the description in the respect that the "Z" doesn't hurt this name at all...

Good Luck to all who bid, I have a feeling this auction will be see bidding well into $X,XXX.

James David
DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name
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I put in my Pre-Bid, because I would really like to add this domain to my portfolio. Not to park or monetize right away but to put to just add it as an asset in my portfolio.

Our world runs on Passion, whether passion for a job, a food, for power, or a sexual passion for another. Passion has driven many men and women to success, to fortune, to a higher calling.

I could see being a great auction and encompassing alot of prospective bidders. Passion is a strong word when both said aloud and written.

On a personal note, I own and adding would be a great addition to my portfolio...

DISCLAIMER: I may bid on this domain name
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